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Looking for a London painter and decorator service with attractive rates?  If you're looking for a reliable and professional painter and decoratorin the Blackheath area I can provide all your needs.

Painter/Decorator in Blackheath

Perry Millward

Hi to all my new and and previous customers my name is Perry Millward as for some of you that don't know me I've been in the painting and decorating business for around 32 years it's a job that I like and enjoy with different challenges different achievements and bringing pleasure to the people I have done work for, knowing most of all is bringing a good feeling and a lift to there lives may it be there home or your business. As you can imagine I've work in lot of different places all over the country and abroad. Working with some great designers and builders in many luxury hotels beautiful houses Government buildings theaters and even an aquarium so my job as been an interesting one and still is. Alway waiting for the next door to open.


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